About us

What is the IHSCM

The Institute of Health & Social Care Management is an Institute, approved in company law, with membership open to leaders, managers and administrators working in health and social care, owned and run by The Institute of Health & Social Care Management Ltd.

Our aims

Our aim is to create a supportive professional body that is compelling to join, relevant in its activities and contemporary in its approach.

It is a challenging time to be a health and social care manager. More than ever, organisations involved in commissioning, delivering and supporting health and social care need exceptional managers, who use consistently good management practices to work in partnership with staff and patients to drive the change agenda.

The IHSCM supports managers by helping them to meet these challenges and understand, develop, share and celebrate good practice.

Who we represent

We are the leading independent membership organisation for managers and leaders commissioning, delivering and supporting health and  social care in the UK and across the world, supporting personal and professional development and driving change to improve health and well-being for all through quality management.

Our members are in, or are progressing towards, a management role in an organisation which commissions, provides or supports health and care (in its broadest sense).

Our diverse and inclusive membership includes managers from the NHS, social care, public health, private sector, military, charity and voluntary sectors, as well as a thriving overseas representation – across all management levels and disciplines.

Our Team

The IHSCM’s directors are Roy Lilley, Dr Terri Porrett and Jon Wilks, who are also the founders of the community interest company The Academy of Fabulous Stuff. Jon Wilks is also the Chief Executive.

Our Membership Services Manager is Pauline Bolt, who worked for almost 25 years in the NHS  before joining the IHSCM, and the latest additionS to our team are  Jade Maloney, Executive Administrator and Jane Brightman, Social Care Manager.

We are supported by:

An Advisory Board headed by Ed Smith, the former Chair of NHS Improvement. Joining Ed on the Advisory Board are Samantha Jones, former Head of New Models of Care for the NHS and now Chief Executive and President of Centene UK; Sir James (Jim) Mackey who is Chief Executive of Northumbria  Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Peter Homa who is the former chair of the NHS Leadership Academy and now Director General at Defence Medical Services. The Advisory Board inform the work of the Institute and work with the wider team to set its direction.