Effective leadership is the art of inspiring and motivating a group of people to achieve a common goal – either personal or organisational, through a combination of personality, communication and skills which make others follow their direction.

To support this belief we would like to bring the following resources to your attention as we believe you will find them interesting and informative:

Rethinking authenticity – Randall S Peterson and Kathleen O’Connor, London Business School

How smart people ask great questions (and get great answers) – Jeff Hayden, contributing editor, Inc.

How great leaders are constantly improving – Lolly Daskal

Do you have a ‘when life works’ list – Alissia Knight, Alissia Knight Coaching

Why you’re not as confident as you could be – Benjamin P Hardy, Thrive Global

The power of quality questions – Julie Mackay, Associate Director, Corporate Edge

What is resilience and how to be resilient – Ashley Elizabeth, CEO of Resilience Junkie, Lifehack

10 questions to ask yourself when questions get overwhelming – Anxiety Gone, Thrive Global

Techniques for effective interviewers ; Financial Management, Rhymer Rigby, 1st April 2019

Why being kind at work is a strength ;Thrive Global, Lightworkers, 5th April 2019

How to effectively get the right work done ; Lolly Daskal

4 smart ways to tackle tough conversations ;Thrive Global, GenTwenty, 3rd April 2019

How to use your initiative to make faster decisions ; Inc., Lee Colan, Co-Founder, L Group

How to speak up when your workload feels unmanageable ; Thrive Global, Scott Mautz, 4th April 2019

How to create a personal growth plan ; Tony Robbins

How to write a CV personal statement Thrive Global, 28th March 2019

How to structure your answers to behavioural interview questions  Kate O’Sullivan, Elevate

How to be a good manager   Dimitry Dragilev, Lifehack, 21st February 2019

Leaders follow first – blog Mike Kaeding, LinkedIn

How to make your last 90 days in a job as meaningful as the first  Lolly Daskal

Applying for a job you’re not totally qualified for Wisdom, Thrive Global, 1st April 2019

How to say ‘no’ without worrying what people think Thrive Global, 2nd April 2019

Interview with a leader: Cat Roberts GP  NHS Women Leaders

6 strategies to help you turn heated dinner arguments into real conversations  Ideas Ted

The 1 word that will allow you to achieve any goal  Lolly Daskal


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Leadership Online is a  directory of leadership and management development e-learning and online resources  which will be of interest and value to leaders and managers everywhere, especially in the NHS and the public sector in the UK.

It is an educational resource and started life as a resource for leaders and managers within the NHS in the south of England, and has been developed extensively since.  The website and directory is now into its eighth edition and gives details of over 1,000 weblinks. The website is accessed via www.leadershiponline.co.uk and is completely free.


Please click here for Compassionate Leadership Resources.

In the words of Michael West ‘Compassionate Leadership is not a soft ideological approach…it creates an environment where bullying is rare and where learning and quality improvement are the norm…- better outcomes, better population health, better value for money’.